Temperature controlled Swimming Pool

Bacteria, algae and other organisms thrive under warm water conditions this is obviously harmful not just for athletes but the general public in a commercial swimming pool that is why it is important to have temperature controlled swimming pool.Surely it is going to be a great place to spend time depending on weather outside.

Free wifi

When ever and where ever, you will be able to access internet and get benefitedby worldwide web.

Airports pick up and dropoff

The luxury executive cars for commercial delegations or special purpose and ordinary cabs are also available for pick up and drop off facilityon Request.

Family rooms

We will provide you family rooms so you can enjoy you private life without any hesitations.

Restaurant with Asian cuisine

We serve and bring the taste for you from main land china to the land of Arab.

Private bathrooms with bathtub & shower

The toilet amenities are to the match of international toiletry standards, where you will get herbal potions to add to your bathtub along with luxury shower.

Sauna and hot tub

The sauna is an excellent way to cleanse the body of toxins through perspiration. The hot tub hydrotherapy heals your body relaxation, detoxification, pain relief, stress relief and health boost etc.

Well managed room service

You can order food, laundry services, housekeeping andorder breakfast etc.

Bed Tea

You love decoction or milked tea we are ready to serve it upto your bed.

Group traveller room dining facility

Your group is with you and you want to dine with them, then the food will be served at your room.

Maintaining privacy

In case you need not to get disturbed just hint us we will take it seriously.

24/7 services

We are your service any time.

Extra assistance in case of emergencies

Our business policy includes the protocols for the cases like customer missed the flight or any medical emergency is required etc. to become helping hands as a friend in need is a friend indeed. We are never going to take advantage out of your desperate needs.

Value added services

Hot breakfast, Complementary, children meals,catering older guests, meal plans,Paid Parking, early check-in and late check-out.


The non hazardous ambience for your kids so they may crawl even on the floor and inhale fresh air in noted air quality.

Friendly, helpful staff

It is not only you are going to experience the affection but your offspring as well because we are master in art of behaviour carrying high sense of etiquettes.

In a cut throat competition and simple savvy business acumen our esteemed principles are above profit.

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